Pest & Disease Management

Pest & Disease Management

About Our Pest & Disease Management

The UK climate means it is possible to grow thousands of global species of trees and plants. Local garden centres stock plants which have originated in Europe, Africa and Asia and have been transported many thousands of miles. Unfortunately, pests and diseases can be an unwelcome travel companion and can infect the plants, soils, packaging and containers. If they become established, they can have devastating consequences. Therefore, responsible and professional plant pest and disease management is integral to avoid significant damage or worse the removal of trees.

Trees are susceptible to a whole range of different pests and diseases.  Not just those which have come from overseas. Tragically, Human activity is a key factor. Surrey Tree Care are serious about biosecurity (see our Biosecurity Policies). Biosecurity measures the amount of soil, water and plant material we carry between sites. By following simple routine actions, we reduce the chance of pests and diseases spreading.

Surrey Tree Care have extensive diagnosis and practical experience when eradicating tree pests and diseases.  If you have any concern about a tree, we always suggest speaking to us to be given the best advice in terms of pest and disease management services.

UK trees can come under the attack of aggressive pests and disease which usually come in the form of bacterial, fungal infections and viral infections.

Damage to trees can be caused by pests such as Green Fly and the Oak Processionary Moth. Damage can also come from animals or insect infestations. The first step in dealing with any disease or damage is to is identify the cause. Once identified, Surrey Tree Care then advocate the best course of management. Some tree diseases and pests are extremely aggressive so it is important to act fast. The sooner you react and contact us to assess, the less damage will be been done and the more likely the tree can be saved.

Tree diseases and pests we treat include (but are not limited to):

Acute Oak decline

Ash Dieback

Charlara dieback of Ash (Ash Dieback)

Elm Zig-Zag sawfly

Green Fly

Honey fungus

Horse Chestnut Leaf Minor


Japanese Knotweed

Larch tree disease

Oak Processionary Moth (OPM)

Red band needle blight

Sweet Chestnut blight

Shoot blight of Cedar

We advise regular tree survey every fifteen months to view the tree in different seasons. This is important because some pests and diseases are only active at certain times of the year.

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