Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

About Our Fruit Trees

Surrey Tree Care recommend that your fruit trees are pruned in the winter when the trees are in a dormant state. We carry out an annual pruning service to ensure the best yield from your fruit trees. A properly pruned tree will produce more fruit, safe a neglected tree and maintain the optimum balanced shape for future growth. We thin, spur prune and action restorative pruning on overgrown trees in order to promote healthy growth and fruit yield.

Fruit tree pruning is a technique used to control growth, stimulate fruit growth and remove dead or diseased wood. Often the practice includes cutting branches shorter or removing them altogether. It may also mean the removal of shoots (including stems), buds, leaves, etc.

We believe fruit trees are a brilliant addition to any garden. They are often planted for their more compact size, colour and ornamental value as well as harvest.  Apples, Pears, Cherries and Plums are the fruit trees most commonly found in UK gardens. Surrey Tree Care also work on Quince, Medlar, Mulberry, Fig, Apricot, Peach, Kiwi and Grapevines. Choosing the correct rootstock is integral to growing optimal sized fruit trees and pruning techniques used also depend on the rootstock. Surrey Tree Care provide selection advice, planning orchard layout, planting and establishment.

Orchards are a very distinct and attractive element of large managed landscapes. Surrey Tree Care have carefully to have restored a number of orchards over the years which had been deemed unsalvageable. The aim is to develop an open, balanced network of strong, unshaded branches on each tree in the orchard above the height of grazing livestock and machinery.

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